5 thoughts on “Under New Management.

  1. I have found the new manageress @ your shop is very confident, experienced & professional in her job. She makes all the customers @ ease so they fully understand what treatment they have is right for them 100%.
    All the staff appear to be happy & enjoy working there every time I visit the shop.
    Good Luck & Fortune to the New
    MANAGRESS & wishing her years of success for her & all the staff there. THANK YOU.

  2. I would like to leave another comment on my recent two visits there in the last in the week.
    Once again I found both therapists, who I had when having four hands massage treatment both were excellent very professional & I left there feeling 100% better with my batteries recharged & pleased with the treatment I received there.

    This a message for any one who visits the website & then the shop
    Please when you have time & call them, go along & dicuss how their Chinese medicine therapies could & will help you with your health concerns & troubles or try one of their excellent massage treatments.
    I have found the shop is run so professionally now under the news managress’s smooth running control, everytime I visit there all the staff members = doctor receptionist & therapists are always welcoming, friendly, & has a harmonious atmospheric environment everytime I am there.
    Please old & new especially women customers please call & go along to try their various treatments, which I am sure once experienced, you will end up going there regularly.

    I wish this Richmond Chinese Medicine Shop to carry on their good excellent very professional work for many years to come, with an expanding loyal regular customers,
    I also bet once any woman has tried their treatments @ the shop. They wil recommend it to their family members friends & work colleges.

    I wish the new manageress & all staff members many years of success, good fortune & happiness when working there.

    Lastly all old & new customers please go along & have their help, advise, & treatments, your will never regret it ever, trust me.
    Their shop will be become well known & recommended in time especially by women customers, it will be a prominent shop in Richmond to visit, to go along too & go away feeling you have had an excellent 100% treatment time there & are in heaven until your next visit there .

    1. Second coment from me Gordon Cutter, please anybody within an easy reach of this Richmond shop call & go along, once you see, meet & talk to the new manageress, you will understand her lovely caring approach, ensuring you have the right treatment or medical advice & medicine that will make you feel better & be healthy in the future.
      The managaress will also ensure you have the best excellent treatments from her staff members doctors & therapists always.
      Wishing you become one of regular customers in the near future

  3. Once again I must leave my comments on my recent four visits there in the last 2 weeks, I had a one four hands treatment & 3 X 2 hands treatments , The therapists were 100% very professional & excellent throughtout my treatment sessions, I could not fault them @ all. We were able to chat during all the treatment sessions which helps make it more friendly etc. After each session finished I went away feeling 100% recharged fitter & happy I called in for their treatment. Since I have visited this shop since May this year, every visit I have found to be very good, I have received 100% excellent service from all the staff therapists & the new manageress is so experienced very professional & her skills & abilities to manager the shop 100% efficiently. Also I have found there has been a !00% positive harmonious atmospheric friendly environment every time I have visited there. I will recommend the shop’s treatments & services to my work colleges & friends especially my women friends. I wish the shop business grows & grows in the next few months I am sure it will under the capable hands of the experienced managerial skills of the manageress. I wish her & all doctors & therapists Good Luck &Health in the coming months ahead.

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